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Looking for expertise in your industry? Or an opportunity to accelerate your career?


Welcome to Praxis Consultants, an HR & recruitment consulting organization, providing recruitment and executive search services.

We specialize in provision of turn-key solutions to industry needs through our research, analysis, network and result based approach and fine-tune them to specific workforce requirements of the industry.


What makes us the best in managed recruitment solutions?

Our constant effort is not only to recruit new work force but also to ensure their highest level of performance by preparing them for future growth plans and thus ensure their retention in the industry for longer periods of time.

our mission title

Empowering workforce to strengthen organizational success

To empower the employer and employee with making our system as an amalgamation of people and technology united by some form of regular interaction of interdependence

To make a group of diverse units or people so combined by nature through training to form an integral assemblage, and to function ,operate or move in unison

title our core values



Ready to provide decisive and dedicated support to the clients


Pride ourselves in supporting a moral soundness which translates into scrupulous professionalism



Strive to deliver high quality services to both candidates and clients by allegiance and steadfast dedication in understanding their continuous needs



As an entrepreneur, We are committed to usher and streamline all the inputs to achieve efficiency and economy. Hence we are working as a function of input, completing and gap filling by placing a fitting person in right place

title why choose us

Deliver on time and great returns in terms of value for money
Works closely with industry to provide solutions specific to the need of the industry
Draws its recruits from institutions and community with comprehensive database
Emergency recruitments are always handled urgently by special team
For right understanding of new and existing ventures and there needs accordingly
One partner for all the recruitment need

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Programmers & Testers
Data Scientists
Product/Project Managers

SEO, SEM, SMO Experts
Content Creators
Digital Strategists

UX/Graphics Designers
UI/Front-End Developers
Instructional Designers

Sales & BD
Customer Relationship

Mobile Apps
App Architects
App Testers

Ecommerce, Elearning