Praxis Consultants is committed to providing the best quality domain-specific talent. We provide industry-focused recruitment and talent acquisition services for different verticals like Manufacturing, Auto Ancillary, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, IT Software services, and product base.

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Here are the industry verticals that form the core of our expertise


We offer specialized recruitment services for the IT and software sectors, connecting you with top-tier talent in software development, data analytics, IT support, cybersecurity, and project management. Our extensive network and industry knowledge ensures that we match you with candidates who can drive your technology initiatives forward.

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Plastic Manufacturing

Our expertise in the plastic manufacturing industry enables us to source and place highly qualified candidates for positions such as production supervisors, mold designers, process engineers, and quality assurance specialists. We ensure your workforce is equipped to meet the demands of modern plastic manufacturing processes and standards.

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Automobile Manufacturing

Praxis Consultants provides tailored recruitment solutions for the automobile manufacturing industry. We focus on finding experienced professionals in areas like automotive engineering, assembly line management, quality control, and supply chain management, helping you build a team that drives excellence and innovation in vehicle production.

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Electronics Manufacturing

Praxis Consultants specializes in recruiting top talent for the electronics manufacturing sector. We identify skilled professionals across various roles, including engineers, technicians, quality control experts, and production managers, ensuring your company stays at the forefront of technological innovation and efficiency.

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