Data Analytics Services

We offer best-fit candidates for the different Data Analytics positions. Here’s how you can leverage your data analytics expertise to fill key IT positions:

Descriptive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

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Descriptive Analytics

Our skilled resources can help you get meaningful insights, reports, and dashboards by analyzing historical data through data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, etc.

Data Analyst

Responsible for analyzing data and generating insights using visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI.

BI Developer

Focuses on building and maintaining business intelligence solutions.

Data Visualization Specialist

Expert in creating visual representations of data to help stakeholders understand complex data sets.

Reporting Analyst

Specializes in generating reports and dashboards that summarize historical data.

Predictive Analytics

Want to build Statistical modeling and machine learning-based models to predict future events? We provide expert resources skilled in tools like IBM SPSS, SAS, and Python libraries like Scikit-Learn.

Data Scientist

Develops predictive models using machine learning and statistical techniques.

Machine Learning Engineer

Implements machine learning algorithms and models to predict future trends.

Statistical Analyst

Uses statistical methods and software like SPSS and SAS for data analysis and forecasting.

Quantitative Analyst

Specializes in numerical analysis and predictive modeling.

Prescriptive Analytics

We provide experienced resources skilled in optimization tools such as IBM Decision Optimization and Gurobi who can help you make intelligent decisions based on data insights.

Operations Research Analyst

Uses mathematical modeling and optimization techniques to recommend the best course of action.

Optimization Specialist

Expert in using tools like Gurobi and IBM Decision Optimization to find the most efficient solutions.

Decision Scientist

Combines analytics and decision science to provide actionable recommendations.

Supply Chain Analyst

Focuses on optimizing supply chain operations based on data insights.

ionicons-v5-aBig Data Analytics

Find Expert resources in Big Data tools such as Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc. Our resources can help you manage large datasets using distributed computing and big data tools.

Big Data Engineer

Design, build, and maintain big data infrastructure using Hadoop and Spark.

Data Engineer

Specializes in creating and managing data pipelines to process large datasets.

Hadoop Developer

Develops and manages applications on the Hadoop ecosystem.

Spark Developer

Focuses on building data processing applications using Apache Spark.

Real-Time Analytics

We provide candidates who can help you in real-time analytics and analyzing generated data. Resources skilled in data processing tools like Apache Kafka and Apache Flink are available.

Real-Time Data Engineer

Designs and implements systems for real-time data processing.

Stream Processing Engineer

Specializes in tools like Apache Kafka and Flink to handle streaming data.

Data Architect

Designs and oversees the architecture for real-time data analytics systems.

IoT Data Specialist

Works with Internet of Things (IoT) data, often requiring real-time analysis capabilities.

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Find the best-fit Data Analytics talents for your specific project needs who can help you get valuable insights by using raw data.

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Data Services

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