Data Security and Compliance

There are different Data Security and Compliance services as per the business requirements and we can help provide the best-fit talent for your project needs. Below are the services that our talents can help you with.

Data Encryption

Data Privacy

Data Governance

Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Data Encryption

Our resources provide the best Data encryption and compliance services and help clients secure data, and sensitive information, and avoid unauthorized access.

Encryption Engineers

Our resources have experience in tools like AWS Key Management Service (KMS) and Azure Key Vault and can help implement encryption solutions.

Security Engineers

Get help with Data Security and protection through our experienced resources who can design and implement encryption protocols.


Secure your important data through encryption algorithms that our resources are experts with.

Data Privacy

We have the best Data privacy professionals experienced in data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Get help implementing these regulations through BigID, OneTrust, etc tools.

Data Privacy Officers

Professionals responsible for ensuring organizational compliance with data protection regulations and developing privacy policies.

Privacy Engineers

Experts in implementing data privacy solutions, including data masking and anonymization techniques.

Compliance Specialists

Professionals who ensure that data handling practices comply with regulatory requirements.

Data Governance

Our Data Governance resources have experience implementing policies and processes to ensure data integrity, security, privacy, usability, and proper management across the organization.

Data Governance Managers

Professionals who develop and oversee data governance policies and frameworks using tools like Collibra, Erwin, and Alation.

Data Stewards

Specialists responsible for ensuring data quality, integrity, and security within specific data domains.

Data Compliance Officers

Experts in monitoring and enforcing data governance policies to ensure regulatory compliance.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Minimize data loss and downtime in case of disasters and ensure that all business operations are running smoothly. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery professionals are skilled in tools like Veeam, AWS Backup, and Azure Site Recovery and help design, implement, and test disaster recovery plans to ensure data availability.

Backup and Recovery Engineers

Get help with developing and maintaining backup and recovery solutions through our resources skilled in tools like Veeam, AWS Backup, Azure Site Recovery, etc.

Disaster Recovery Specialists

Our expert resources can help design and implement disaster recovery plans, ensuring business continuity.

Systems Administrators

Professionals who manage backup and recovery operations, ensuring data is securely stored and can be restored when needed.

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Data Services

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